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Major advances in drug developments globally, the booming generics drugs market, the Tsunami disaster of 26th December 2004 in Asia and East Africa, bioterrorism, the 11th September 2001 terrorist attack in the United States, the global HIV/AIDS epidemic, Cancer and Counterfeit drugs have made humankind to seek knowledge outside his or her own borders. In a quest for such knowledge, travel security has become a top priority for personal and business travels. This website is a one-stop resource for your travel security needs. For a meaningful travel agenda and meeting plannings, it is essential to be conversant with the various time zones around the world.


Clock and Time Zones : The website shows the local times for different countries thereby making it easier for scheduling transcontinental teleconferences. This site also has a user-friendly Meetings Planner.

Country Calling Codes : International Country Calling codes.

Currency Exchange :

Current Travel Warnings : Current warnings issued by the US Department of State on travel conditions in various countries. The information here could benefit American and non-American travellers.

iJETŪ Travel Intelligence : iJETŪ Travel Risk Management can help prepare you for your trip, alert you to breaking situations, and assist you when trouble does arise. The increase in terrorist threats and global unrest has raised the risk profile in many countries, and created an acute need for new crisis management tools that enable corporations to protect their assets and support their employees throughout the world.

International Issues :

Passports and Visas :

Relief Agencies: American Red Cross :

Relief Agencies: AmeriCares :

Relief Agencies: International Red Cross :

Terrorism and Disasters : Current Public Announcements issued by the US State Department relating to terrorist activities and disasters worldwide.

Traveller's Health : The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has valuable information for travellers worldwide. Such information includes, among other things, travel-related diseases, disease outbreaks, vaccinations, travelling with children and with pets.

US Homeland Security : Listings of various activities and programs

World Holidays : Before you leave for your business trip or before you set up that teleconference, be sure to check the Public Holidays for that particular country.