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Global Communications

In the global economy, global communication skills is not an option but a necessary tool. The human resources personnel, multinational corporation, small business entity, academic institutions and organizations, general consumer, traveller or any professional has a lot to learn about effective communications around the world. Cross-cultural communication skills could spell the benefits or pitfalls of product registrations, product imports and exports, strategic alliances, licensing or outsourcing. Technology has impacted the way we communicate and has listed some resources that could enhance your communication goals and objectives.


AT&T Web Meeting : AT&T Web Meeting Service is an interactive presentation and collaborative tool which combines audio conferencing and data-sharing through the power of the internet.

Blog Business Summit : This event will show you how your business can leverage current real-world blogging techniques, tools and platforms to promote and enhance your ventures.

Calling Codes : International Country Calling codes

Click to Meet Web-video conferencing : provides a complete framework for delivering a new generation of video-enabled web collaboration applications that address the real-time communications needs of companies worldwide.

Clocks and Time Zones : has a user friendly way of knowing when the best time is to call or plan a meeting with your international counterpart. This also works well for contacting associates or colleagues in your own country where there are multiple time zones.

Dean Foster Associates : Assist in developing global competencies, creating effective global teams, succeeding in international negotiations, managing cross-border communications and other intercultural skills.

Difficult Relationships : Drug Information Association's new training program outlines strategies on how to make difficult relationships work

Diversity Inc : Provides resources for minority businesses and in cross-cultural business strategies.

Factiva : Assists Businesses in knowledge sharing technologies.

Global Language Solutions : GLS translates clinical research documentation such as informed consent forms, protocols, manuals, package inserts and product labels into 100+ world languages.

Global Languages and Cultures : is a multi-service translation service company specializing in over 99 languages with a committment to providing top quality translation, interpretation, voice-over, localization and desktop publishing services in all languages.

KARRASS Effective Negotiating® : KARRASS seminars are presented regularly in over 65 North American cities, including Canada and Mexico, plus another 17 cities worldwide.

Management Concepts : Developing Effective Relationships

MegaMeeting Web-video conferencing : is a completely web-based video/web conferencing technology company.

Meridian Resources : work with customers to enable all members of their global organizations to be informed, engaged, and accountable with offices or affiliates in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and throughout the United States.

MultiLingual Translations : ForeignExchange provides language services to the medical device, diagnostics, pharmaceutical and biotech industries as well as contract research organizations (CROs).

SBC Web and video conferencing : provides a comprehensive look at the educational uses of videoconferencing for teachers, librarians, students, administrators, technology coordinators, and others interested in the use of this technology.

WEBEX Web and video conferencing : offers a suite of on-demand web meeting applications to meet the sales, marketing, training and support needs of your business. From lead generation with web seminars to product demos, online training and support.

World Cultures : Washington State University Internet classroom and anthology

World Holidays Planning : Before you leave for your business trip or before you set up that teleconference, be sure to check the Public Holidays for that particular country.