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Conferences in Traditional & Herbal Medicines

The latest meetings and networking opportunities in this rapidly expanding field of healthcare are listed.


Association of the European Self-Medication Industry (AESGP) : The theme of this conference which convenes in Brussels on 9-10 October 2007 is "Harmonisation of herbal (medicinal) products and food supplements - Where do we stand in Europe?".

Biotechnology : Healthcare Biotechnology is increasingly playing a role in conventional drug discovery as well as opening up new possibilities to prevent, treat and cure hitherto incurable diseases using novel methods of treatment and diagnosis. Biotech medicines such as proteins, antibodies and enzymes now account for 20% of all marketed medicines and 50% of those in clinical trials.

Indigenous knowledge and traditional medicine : SAHealthInfo is a South African government-initiated project. During the period 1999-2001 it received funding from the Innovation Fund, administered by the Department of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology. It subsequently received financial backing by the South African Medical Research Council (MRC).

MHRA Conference page : This agency aims to safeguard public health by (1) ensuring that medicines for human use, sold or supplied in the UK, are of an acceptable standard of safety, quality and efficacy (2) ensuring that medical devices meet appropriate standards of safety, quality and performance and (3) promoting the safe use of medicines and devices.

Plant-made Pharmaceuticals : The mission of the Society for Moleculture is to disseminate information on moleculture and to support the emergence of a manufacturing sector using plant-factories to produce biopharmaceuticals, industrial products and other useful molecules.