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Regulatory Bodies

International Regulatory Affairs Updates (IRAUP) is an excellent resource for the small company that needs to register its products in the US or in a Foreign Country but cannot afford a Regulatory Affairs Department. It is also an excellent resource for the large company that needs to register a product in a foreign country but is not sure about the current regulatory requirements and cultural demands of that country. Developing countries are rapidly growing into “Emerging Markets” for Veterinary and Human Medicinal Products and countries in the Industrialized World and the Developing World all have a lot to learn from one another.

Regional Regulatory Bodies
  Among other things,Training needs and general formatting of regulatory applications and governance facilitate communication among different regulatory authorities in any given geographic region. In an effort to facilitate a Global Cooperation, a list is provided as a common "forum" between and among various Regional Regulatory bodies worldwide.
International Regulatory Bodies
  A list of International Regulatory Bodies have been listed to complement the educational needs of the consumer and the regulatory authorities at regional and national levels.
Regional Harmonizations
  With the increasing demands of pharmacovigilance and new regulations, it is imperative that various regions of the world gather to form a common platform to regulate healthcare products in general.
International Harmonizations
  Global Harmonization efforts in the areas of Human and Veterinary Healthcare have been provided.