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Medical Products

Regulation of Medicinal products in three main categories ( Human Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Traditional and Herbal Medicinal Products) have been listed.

Human Medicinal Products
Human Medicinal Products Companies ( A-Z )
  A listing of companies in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries, or the like, which contribute in various ways towards the Research, Development and Marketing of Human Medicinal products.
Human Clinical Trials and Research
Human Medicine: Regulatory Guidances/Regulations
  reg guidances, regulations, inspections, position papers, current thinking
Other Human Medicinal Products Resources
Veterinary Medicinal Products

Veterinary Medicinal Products Companies ( A-Z )
Veterinary Medicinal Products Clinical Trials and Research
Veterinary Medicine: Regulatory Guidances
  Product safety, Application Procedures, Guidances, Regulations, Position Papers etc
Other Veterinary Products Resources
  Pharmacovigilance Software for Veterinary Medicines.
Traditional and Herbal Medicinal Products