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Breast Cancer Gene Update-International Regulatory Affairs Focus

International Regulatory Affairs Focus- Nanotechnology Safety
International Regulatory Affairs Science Focus- 17 December 2006. Report Highlights Need for Research Framework to Assess Nanotechnology Safety. Nanotechwire; 12/17/2006 3:22:41 PM. A new analysis of the Federal government’s efforts to study the environmental, health, and safety (EHS) implications of nanotechnology concludes that sound management will play as important a role as good science when it comes to addressing these concerns.

International Regulatory Affairs Focus- Gene Silencing
17 December 2006. International Regulatory Affairs Science Focus-Delivery technology could speed up siRNA development. By Susan Gotensparre ; 12/12/2006 - US researchers have developed a novel delivery vehicle for siRNA, an up-and-coming technology for switching off genes in the body that could accelerate its use in drug development.

Plant-Made Vaccine for Avian influenza?
Friday, December 22, 2005; Dow AgroSciences; Posted 30 December 2005.

Plant-Made Vaccine for the threatening Avian influenza (H5N1)?

Dow AgroSciences announces collaboration with Melbourne Univ to pursue plant-made vaccine solution to avian influenza

International Regulatory Affairs Focus: Tamiflu Resistance
An amino acid substitution in neuraminidase conferring high-level resistance to oseltamivir was isolated

New England Journal of Medicine; Volume 353:2667-2672 December 22, 2005 Number 25

Oseltamivir Resistance during Treatment of Influenza A (H5N1) Infection

DNA Microarrays Analysis
07 December 2005; Source: BiocompareNews/Carnegie Mellon University A revolutionary method to transform DNA microarray analysis

Carnegie Mellon U. Transforms DNA Microarrays With Standard Internet Communications Tool

Multivalent HIV DNA Vaccine
Source: ScienceDirect/EntrezPubMed
1 September 2005
Rational design of a plasmid DNA vaccine capable of eliciting cell-mediated immune responses to multiple HIV antigens in mice.
HIV DNA Vaccine

Scientists isolating 'useful' genes in milk
23 August 2005; Food Production Daily;By Chris Mercer;23/08/2005 - International experts in nutrition and genomics will meet in California to discuss the progress of research into links between the genetic make-up of milk and human health.Milk Genes

What Are Microbicides?
International Partnership for Microbicides (IPM) MICROBICIDES are a viable option for developing HIV prevention.

DNA Microarrays: Gene Expression Applications
by Bertrand Jordan; Springer / ; Series: Principles and Practice; Jordan, B.R. (Ed.) 2001, IX, 140 p. 20 illus., 4 in colour., Softcover; ISBN: 3-540-41508-4 DNA MICROARRAYS

eiRNA-Based Mammalian Gene Silencing
Source: Scientists at Nucleonics developed proprietary technologies for silencing mammalian genes. A New Therapeutic Strategy

RNA Interference (RNAi) Reference List

Iowa State University to Create Phyto-Energy ?
04-25-05;Lawrence Johnson, Center for Crops Utilization Research (ISU) and Teddi Barron, News Service (ISU); Source: Iowa State University.
Plant-based Energry Production

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Herbal Medicine and Cancer

RNA could form building blocks for nanomachines

Scientists Develop Vitamin-Enriched GM Rice
Source:; By Tim Moynihan and John Deane, PA; 28 March 2005 Vitamin-Enriched Genetically Modified Rice

Nanotechnology in the Developing Countries
Catherine Brahic; 11 February 2005
Source: SciDev.Net "Nanotechnology is likely to be particularly important in the developing world, because it involves little labour, land or maintenance; it is highly productive and inexpensive"(From Report of the UN Millennium Project, Task force on Science, Technology and Innovation, 2005) Networking in Nanotechnology

India's R&D becoming World-Class
Science, Vol 307, Issue 5714, 1415-1417 , 4 March 2005; Mashelkar, R. A. ; GLOBAL VOICES OF SCIENCE: India's R&D: Reaching for the Top; Raghunath A. Mashelkar Signs are accumulating that India is on course to becoming one of the world's scientific and technological leaders.

Sugar as Pharmaceutical

DNA Analysis

Protein Engineering News
Protein Engineering Summit

Purdue researchers use enzyme to clip 'DNA wires'
February 28, 2005 | WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Researchers at Purdue University have attached magnetic "nanoparticles" to DNA and then cut these "DNA wires" into pieces, offering the promise of creating low-cost, self-assembling devices for future computers.
"DNA Wires" for Computers

Australian “OPAL” provides hope for HIV treatment
28 February 2005 -- Australian researchers have made a major discovery in the fight against AIDS, with the development of a novel, simple and safe technique for boosting the body’s immune response to deadly viruses like HIV, which is even effective against drug resistant forms of the disease.

Genetic Immunization
Aldevron's genetic immunization and antibody (GIA) technology is
widely used to increase the response to DNA vaccines and to generate
antibodies to gene-specific antigens.

GIA™: Genetic Immunization and Antibody Production